Kelly Johnson has a most wonderful voice and an equally kind heart. She surprised us all when we first heard her sing. Several of us knew Kelly from our participation in the Krewe of Katy, but once we heard her musical history and heard her sing in the studio, we were sure we had come to know a deeper side of Kelly. She is a devout Christian with a strong voice and a faith to match. Even through life's adversities she has persisted. When she came to the studio for the sessions, I came to understand her longing to sing. She told me she had been waiting for many years to get up the courage and strength to do this project.
Kelly has completed her first CD. It is a tribute to Christmas and the Holiday Season, however, Kelly was not able to release this CD in time for the 2009 Holiday Season. It will be available for the 2010 season with release due around Oct. 1, 2010.
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Kelly Johnson

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The Prayer
Heaven's Child
Genre - Gospel; Devotional
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