The studio in the picture below was constructed in 2005 allowing us to move out of the small office space previously occupied. This space consists of a control room area, a main recording area with 3 cabled work stations, and an 8' x 8' sound booth, also cabled back to the main mixer. We currently are using both Cakewalk Sonar 8.0 & ProTools LE v.6.0 for tracking, editing, and mixing.
CajunAmi Studio - View of control room area
CajunAmi Productions was created in 2002. Founder Jimmie Cormier has been a musician for over 40 yrs. and has also had a successful career in the Information Technology industry for over 35 yrs. Drawing on both of these skill sets he began to pull together the needed hardware, software, and expertise to create the first CajunAmi recording studio. He has gathered together artists and technical talent on recording projects that span a wide range of genre. The common link between each of the projects is the desire to work in a collaborative manner and produce quality musical recordings featuring dedicated and talented artists. The mission of CajunAmi Music is to play a part in the evolving music industry with an eye (and ear) focused on the future, and a strong network of experienced individuals bringing with them their history and strengths.

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"Partnering with Sugar Hill" continued....
Sugar Hill Recording Studios is currenty one of the longest running, self sustaining recording studios in the USA, with over 68 yrs. of continued service in the music industry. We are very proud of our new affiliation and look forward to years of success for our clients.
"Essential Sound Partnership" - Posted May 2, 2010
Essential Sound is a premier sound mastering studio with high tech and vintage hardware, and state of art software operated by some of the leading mastering engineers in the region. We are looking forward to collaborating with Essential Sound to produce world class audio projects.

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