CajunAmi Productions was founded in order to provide an avenue for music artists to create and capture their muscial work and creativity. We work hard in our attempt to help each artist meet the challenges of an ever changing music industry. We provide services and support to a wide range of music genre with the intent of leveraging technology and experience resulting in real value for resources invested. Our organization benefits from a unique relationship with legendary music recording studios, engineers, and talent. Our locations are convenient and our partnerships yeild world class results. Working with us can prove to be the most cost effective approach to reaching your goals.
"Sugar Hill Partnership" - posted May 1, 2010....
We are very pleased to announce our newest business relationship. We are proud to now offer services & products in conjunction with Sugar Hill recording & production studios of Houston, TX. Sugar Hill has a legacy of success with world renowned artists.
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Louisiana Hall of Fame member Louis Meaux has been a long time affiliate of CajunAmi and contributor to the rich heritage of Louisiana music. You can hear and purchase his recordings here...
CajunAmi has had amazing new artists in Houston record here. Follow our "Artists" link to view info, sample clips, and order their music.




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